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I came to see Sarah for neuropathy in my feet, a side effect of chemotherapy. Since working with her, I have seen an improvement in the level of discomfort and numbness I was experiencing. She has also decrease the pain and soreness I experience in my lower back. Sarah has a great patient care manner, she listens intently and processes all the information into an effective treatment. Sarah treats the whole person, rather than simply addressing the symptoms.

Trey M.

I see Sarah regularly for sore muscles and joint pain, I always feel better after my treatments both physically and mentally. Sarah is filled with knowledge and is extremely friendly, she is down right amazing at what she does! Thank you Sarah from always being a good listener during our sessions, I always leave feeling happier.

Ryan M.

I am working with Sarah to improve neck mobility and saliva production after chemotherapy and radiation treatment a few years ago left me with extremely decrease range of motion and inability to produce saliva. Every session I feel a little bit looser and my mouth and throat are more moisturized. Sarah is very personable, she has a lot of concern for me and what I am experiencing, and she is always ensuring that I am comfortable during my treatments. I've been to may practitioners over the years and Sarah is the best!!

John B.

Sarah has helped me with chronic acid reflux (LPRD) and extreme pain in my feet and legs. My condition continues to improve and the pain in my feet and legs has decreased dramatically. I have noticed positive changes not only in the problems for which I originally came in for but also in my body and body functions in general. Sarah is personable, knowledgeable, and has genuine concern from me as a patient. She is thorough in collecting information about my problems and offers excellent follow-up advice. These treatments have been a means of reducing and eliminating prescription and OTC medications that have undesired side effects. 

Bettye J. S.

I initially sought treatment for stress management which primarily resulted in neck, shoulder, and back pain. over the course of 2 years, treatment with Sarah has turned into overall health and wellness where we work on whatever area of my body feels "off". In my last appointment, we worked specifically to relieve what I referred to as "digestive stagnation" and opening up everything to help get my digestive tract moving properly again. Overall things feel less tight throughout my abdominal area and lower back. I would say when it came to a comfort and pain level, I was at an 8/10 before I saw Sarah and am now at a 3/10. 

Sarah does an absolutely wonderful job of explaining why we are working on an area and what she is doing. She always checks in on my comfort level with her chosen treatment method. We always set expectations prior to my treatment so I am not surprised, which I really appreciate. Her treatments have helped me become more self-aware, so I am prepared for what I am hoping to have accomplished at the end of each treatment. 

Her space, environment, and bed are always warm which I love, She has great aromatics selections based on my needed treatment. Best of all, Sarah always has a positive and encouraging attitude. Her ability to remember details about my life and what is going on is astounding! I can tell she genuinely cares about my well-being and it shows by how attentive she is to everything I say--whether it is about the present treatment I am receiving or a random detail about my life. My overall health and stress levels have improved significantly since working with Sarah and the passion she shows for her craft is truly inspirational. 

Erin B.

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